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College and Career Center » Where Am I Going To Go To College?

Where Am I Going To Go To College?

  1. This is a GREAT website that lists all colleges in the state of Texas with admissions requirements and link to websites.

    Go to website:

    Click on college you want to learn about.

    Click on green arrow to take you to college website.

    Print college pages for your file.


  1.    This is a great place to compare all colleges.  You can put search parameters in for just the state of Texas.

    Go to website:

    Click on either 2 year or 4 year school tab, depending on what type of college you want to compare.

    Move the bars either left of right to set search parameters on:   tuition, % applicants accepted, % who graduate in 6 years.

    Click on pink tab, Go to ‘Find Colleges’

    Print pages for file or save to Google Drive.


  1. This is Tyler Junior College’s Campus Tour.  It is awesome!  Did you know that TJC has 11,000 students, a football team and accepts everybody!


  1. Fantastic site to prepare for college! You can even apply to College through the ‘Apply Texas’ Tab at the bottom of page!  It is great place also to find information on the advantage of getting the military to pay for college!


    Go to site:

    Click on student tab

    On the right is a ‘college locator’ tab.  You can search for colleges in your area.

    In the middle of the page are tons of links that are very helpful in planning for college!


  1. Super Website for all colleges in United States.

    Go to  website:

    At the bottom of page click the state of Texas in US map.

    Hover over the state of Texas with your mouse until it turns green and then click.

      Here are some of the Texas schools with links to great information.    Print pages for file or store in google drive!



  1. This is another great website to put in search parameters in locate a college!