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College and Career Center » What Am I Going To Do With My Life?

What Am I Going To Do With My Life?

Go to website 

Click on ‘No Clue What Career I want’

Go to tab ‘Face-off’  Speed Round

Choose between 2 choices

Print career pages for your file.


  1. Go to this website

Click ‘Register Now’ green button and register

Take 4 assessments--  Quick Assessment, Interest Profiler, Skills Profiler, and Work Importance Profiler

Match those to careers.  Watch career video if available.  Print and put in file or copy to Google Drive.


  1. Take this career inventory.  Print results and put in your file. 


Take assessment

Enter Email Address.  Print and Store in File

 Explore Careers!


  1. Find  A Major,  Find A College,  Find A Career



  1. Another great free personality assessment



  1. Another Fun  Inventory:

Click on ‘Take Pathfinders Quiz’



  1. Go to this website

Click on ‘Tell us what you like to do’

Take O*net Interest Profiler

Search for Careers from results

Print any interesting page for your file


  1. Take this interest, work and value Inventory

Go to website:

Click on ‘I am a student’

Click on ACT Profile

Click ‘Join Now’

Go to ‘My Profile’

Take Interest, Abilities, and Values Inventories

Go to Career tab and click on ‘Career Map’ and ‘Career Search’

Print or save to google drive.  Put in file.


  1. Go to this website:

Click on Career Videos

Pick a Career Cluster that sounds interesting

Watch a career video

Share on your google account in google drive.


  1. Go to website

Click on ‘Define your road’

Click on videos of leaders with similar roads

Watch ‘free highlight’ portion of video.


  1. Go to website

Click on any career video. Print pages for file.



  1. A Great website that explores the 16 Career Clusters:


  1. A super website that will help with all aspects of career planning and college preparation.  There are TONS of student videos, planning activities, and fun facts about college.   Print pages you like for career/ college file!


15Find out more about what college major is best for you!


     Big Future: Want help in exploring careers and majors? This website has an abundance of information about everything from the fastest growing careers and how to get started to resume building: