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Dual Credit » LSC-Montgomery Dual Credit Student Checklist

LSC-Montgomery Dual Credit Student Checklist

LSC-Montgomery  Dual Credit Student Checklist

Step 1: Admissions & Pre-Advising

  • NOTE: Before registering for classes students must complete the admissions process, pre-advising and testing (unless otherwise indicated). 

    Step 2: Testing/Placement

  • q All students requiring the TSI Assessment must complete a Pre-Assessment Activity. This is designed to help students do their best on their placement tests. The Pre-Assessment Activity can be done online through the myLoneStar Student Portal. Once completed, students will be able to schedule their TSI Assessment.
  • q If placement testing is required complete your placement testing at LSC-Montgomery or Conroe Testing Center. You will need to get a test ticket from our admissions office prior to testing.
    • q Bring your blue Dual Credit form to LSC-Montgomery advisor completed and with signatures from: Dual Credit High School Counselor, parent/guardian and student.
  • q To DROP a class, you MUST have approval from your HS Dual Credit Counselor AND see a LSC-Montgomery advisor in-person with a signed Dual Credit Drop form.

    Step 4: Pay your tuition

  • q Take blue registration sheet to College & Career Center with payment no later than April 10, 2014.


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