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HHS Vision:  Providing a culture that inspires students and staff to own their learning so they are prepared for life.  Own it!   School times 7:40 am to 3:40 pm.
Dual Credit » Dual Credit Details

Dual Credit Details

Dual Credit Details


  • ENGL 1301  (SENIORS ONLY) 
  • MATH 1314 : College Algebra
  • MATH 1324: Finite Math
  • HIST 1301: US History to 1877 (for Juniors)
  • GOVERNMENT ONLINE : GVT 2305 (for Seniors)
  • BIOL 1408 – Biology I ( All year course).
  • DRAM 1301 – Theater Appreciation (Juniors and Seniors)

New Costs and Payment Information from Lone Star as of 11/10/14:

These are the new fees for embedded classes on the HS campuses. 

$18 per credit hour plus a $12 one time per semester registration fee.  This does not include any lab fees for classes such as Biology 

3 hour class: 54 +12= 66

4 hour class: 72 +12= 84

***online classes are an additional $15 per credit hour. (so $45)

  • So, if you’re taking ENGLISH 1301, HISTORY 1301, THEATER or one of the MATHS, you’ll need to pay $66
  • If you’re taking two of these classes it will be $66+$54 = $120
  • If you’re taking an online course it will be $66 + $45 = $111.  If you’re taking an online course plus an embedded course (course with an instructor) your cost will be an additional $54.
  • $66 + $45 + $54 = $165.

ALL of our classes are 3 hour classes EXCEPT Biology, which is a year-long 4 hour class. So, nobody will be registering for this class during the spring semester.

Payment will need to be made by December 3rd for Spring classes. If you are unable to make a full payment, please contact the Business Office at Lone Star to see if you can set up a payment plan. Also, if your student is on Free or Reduced Lunch, please have them come to the College & Career Center to start filling out the FAFSA. It will need to be completed at home, but we can get them started to see if they qualify for financial aid.