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Kelsey L Smith » Ms. Smith's GOVERNMENT Class

Ms. Smith's GOVERNMENT Class

Welcome to my website! My name is Kelsey Smith, and I'm teaching regular and AP Government this semester. (Next semester will be regular and AP Economics!) This is my first full year to teach at Huntsville High, and I'm incredibly excited to get the chance to teach at the school where I graduated seven years ago. 
I only have four classroom rules, as follows:
1. Respect yourself. To follow this rule, students are expected to arrive on time, actively engage in classroom activities, and behave like the young adults they are. This rule sets students up to expect their own success.
2. Respect me. To follow this rule, students are expected to treat with me kindness and obedience. This rule sets students up to respect authority in all walks of their life.
3. Respect your peers. To follow this rule, students are expected to keep their hands to themselves and their own property, and to use classroom-appropriate language. This rule sets students up to work cooperatively with their colleagues.
4. Respect the room. To follow this rule, students are expected to keep our beautiful classroom as clean and organized as possible, and to treat the class pet (Bob the Beta) and class plants with proper care. This rule sets students up to be more conscious of their environment.
As you can see, I place a high emphasis on respect in my classroom. In return for my expectation of excellence, I treat every single student I encounter with sincere respect and an eager willingness to help them achieve their academic goals.
Life, to me, is an adventure. And I believe with all my heart that education opens doors to exciting opportunities. I am honored to serve the students of Huntsville High School by helping them unlock the doors to their own adventures.
If you need to contact me, please feel free to email me:, or set up an appointment to visit me during my office hours: 12:45-1:35 pm every day (schedule varies slightly for activity days, including Pep Rally Fridays).