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Erin Janik
(936) 435 - 6100 ext. 2602
Pre-AP Chemistry/IPC
Conference: 12:45-1:35 
Morning tutorials are by request only.
Due to changes in the duty schedule for the spring semester, my tutorials will be on THURSDAY and FRIDAY from 3:30 - 4.

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Mrs. Janik's Chemistry Calendar

Wondering what big things are happening in Chemistry this week? Check out Mrs. Janik's Chemistry Calendar link to the right. It will be kept current this year to keep you informed about our class.

Hornet Chemistry

My name is Mrs. Janik. It may be spelled with a J, but don't let that fool you. It is pronounced Yawn-ick, but you can call me Mrs. J!
I love to teach, and I am proud to be a teacher so let's have a great time in Chemistry this year!
This should be one of the greatest educational experiences of your life. We will not only study Chemistry, but I will share with you some life skills and secrets that will help you succeed in tomorrow's world. I assure you that should you run into me in the grocery store in 25 years, you will say, "You were right Mrs. J. That was a memorable, exciting, and fascinating class!"

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Erin Janik
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(936) 435 - 6100
515 FM 2821 East
Huntsville, Texas 77320