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It's that time of year!  Our website is undergoing updates so please check back often for new info!  HHS Vision:  Providing a culture that inspires students and staff to own their learning so they are prepared for life.  Own it!
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Welcome To Mrs. Schultz Math Class….(HHS web page)…. I am beginning my 27th year of teaching.   21th year teaching at HHS and I am a hornet alumni class 1981.  Once a hornet always a hornet. 


Welcome! My name is Shari Schultz and we are off to an exciting school year in 2017-2018!  I graduated from Huntsville High School 1981, Sam Houston State University in 1991 and Grand Canyon University.  This will be my 27th year in teaching and 21st year at Huntsville High School.  I am teaching Algebra II. 

Advocate Period: 
After School: Wednesday and Thursday 


I will be using Remind to send out reminders to all my students this year.  Reminders will be sent as text messages through the online website.  Any reminders to study for tests, complete assignments, finish projects, etc. will be communicated in this way.

To sign up for text  Text the message @alg2-2406 to the number 81010.

You can call (936) 435-6100. My email address is or you can click on the "Send Email" button on the right of your screen. My conference period is

Calendar of Assignments:
All assignments, tests, and projects and their deadlines can be viewed on the calendar which is accessible from the menu on the right of your screen. Just click on the Algebra II button and you will be redirected to a calendar of events and assignments for your class.

Math Links/Help:
A list of web links for websites specifically geared for math help and tutorials can be accessed by clicking on the "Math Links" button on the right of your screen.

I will be using Twitter and you may follow me @Once_a_hornet . As I use other social media I will update this page.

I look forward to an AWESOME year.


Recent Posts

Class notes

I have posted the class video from Friday, Sept. 8 and Monday, Sept. 11 under assignments.  I hope this helps those who have missed class and those who just need to review the information while working on their online assignments.

AWESOME first week of school!

It has been a great first week.  Everyone is getting to know the new procedures and what is expected of them.  I look forward to a wonderful year.  
Supplies that are needed:
composition book
glue sticks or tape 
box of kleenex
and of course please bring a pencil and your Chromebook everyday.

The 1st six weeks is coming to an end.  It seems like school started yesterday.  We have had an exciting 6 weeks with the roll out of the Digital text books.  It is very exciting to see students experiencing such success while doing their assignments.  Some doing and re-doing questions to earn a perfect score. Others looking at examples and similar questions to help them solve the problem they are struggling with. 
I have great expectations for the next 5 weeks as we continue to learn all the ins and outs of our new digital text books.  I look forward to empowering with all my students with the joy of math.  
Be watching for report cards next week.  And please contact me if you have any questions

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