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It's that time of year!  Our website is undergoing updates so please check back often for new info!  HHS Vision:  Providing a culture that inspires students and staff to own their learning so they are prepared for life.  Own it!
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Welcome To Mrs. Schultz Math Class….I will be teaching both Math Models and Pre-AP Algebra II this year.  I am beginning my 26th year of teaching.  This will be my 20th year teaching at HHS and I am a hornet alumni class 1981.  Once a hornet always a hornet. 

Contact Me
You may contact me by either email or phone.
My email address is
When calling you may reach the High School at 936-435-6100. My room number is 2406. If it is not my conference time, you may leave a voice mail and I will return your call as soon as possible.

My conference time is 10:40-11:34 (every day with the exception of Wednesday). Please call to schedule an appointment if you would like to meet.

Social Media
I will be using Twitter and you may follow me @Once_a_hornet . As I use other social media I will update this page.

I look forward to an AWESOME year.

Recent Posts

AWESOME first week of school!

It has been a great first week.  Everyone is getting to know the new procedures and what is expected of them.  I look forward to a wonderful year.  
Supplies that are needed:
composition book
glue sticks or tape 
box of kleenex
and of course please bring a pencil and your Chromebook everyday.

The 1st six weeks is coming to an end.  It seems like school started yesterday.  We have had an exciting 6 weeks with the roll out of the Digital text books.  It is very exciting to see students experiencing such success while doing their assignments.  Some doing and re-doing questions to earn a perfect score. Others looking at examples and similar questions to help them solve the problem they are struggling with. 
I have great expectations for the next 5 weeks as we continue to learn all the ins and outs of our new digital text books.  I look forward to empowering with all my students with the joy of math.  
Be watching for report cards next week.  And please contact me if you have any questions