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Please note our Attendance Office fax number has changed to: 936 435 6631.
October 27 - 31, 2014 is RED RIBBON week in HISD! Students and staff are encouraged to wear RED on Wednesday, October 29th.

Student holidays: Friday, October 31st (Parent Conference Day) and Monday, November 3rd (Staff Development Day). Please plan accordingly.


The HISD dress code is still in effect and will be enforced at Huntsville High School. Click the link below to view the entire HISD Dress Code. HISD Dress Code
Secondary Level Hornet Spirit T-Shirt/School Sanctioned T-Shirt Permission - Secondary Campus Principals (HHS, MPMS & HIS) have decided to exercise their "principals' discretion" to allow school spirit or school sanctioned t-shirts to be worn any day of the week.  This means that students may wear t-shirts everyday so long as they promote HISD school spirit, Huntsville Hornets, or school sanctioned clubs/organizations.
Nothing else in the code has changed and shirts must still be tucked in with a belt.  Other t-shirts such as college t-shirts will NOT be allowed (those would only be allowed on announced days).  This allowance within the current code is a reward from secondary principals to students. Please keep in mind this privilege can be revoked at anytime if abused. If you have any questions regarding dress code please contact me or your child's assistant principal.

Regarding BYOT at HHS:

- No visible headphones/earbuds will be allowed unless under direct supervision of a teacher. Headphones/earbuds may not be worn as an accessory to student attire or for decoration. - Charging of personal electronic devices that must be plugged into an electrical outlet is not allowed. - No audible music is allowed from a student's personal electronic device. - A $15 administrative fee will be charged for return of a student's personal electronic device upon the 3rd confiscation for violation of school or classroom BYOT rules.
Campus Visitors, please click HERE to view HHS visitor guidelines.

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Jack Herrington, Assistant Principal
Academic Achievement & Discipline
 All Grade Levels with last names beginning A-G
Counselor:  Dawn Shaw (grades 9-11)

Gary Evans, Assistant Principal
Academic Achievement & Discipline
All Grade Levels with last names beginning H-N
Counselor:  Nancy Myers (grades 9-11)

Jessie Anderson, Assistant Principal
Academic Achievement & Discipline
All Grade Levels with last names beginning O-Z
Counselor:  Jessica Castro (grades 9-11)

Joe Rodriguez, Assistant Principal
 Special Programs
Counselor: Nikki Surley

Jennifer Graves, Assistant Principal
Testing Coordinator 
Alternative Education Program Coordinator
Counselor: Nikki Surley

Danielle Williams, Counselor
Lead Counselor & 12th Grade   

Julie Picket, 
Career Completion

F O C U S:  For Our Children's Unlimited Success

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